My children's store hosted a guest story/craft time with Pam Saxelby, and we couldn't have been more happy with the event. In addition to being a great children's book author, she is animated in her storytelling, energetic, and engages well with children of all ages.  Her creativity shows through in her well written books, relateable books and in the follow-up craft, themed to her book Max and Bear. 

Rachel Kirby-Utz, The Red Balloon Co. Bucktown, Chicago, IL 60647

What a wonderful surprise and experience we had when Pam Saxelby visited Treasure Village Montessori at our Family Fall Reading Night. We were thrilled with her ability to connect with each and every one of our students. Our students were never distracted and all eyes were on her as she enveloped us in her story. Her books were enjoyed by all.  Her love of her family, life, and reading was evidence by her ability to establish relationships with the students and engage her listeners.  The event was enjoyed by our students, parents and staff. I am hopeful that she will return and visit our program again.

Kelly Mangel, Principal, Treasure Village Montessori Charter School, Islamorada, FL

Not only is the book fabulous, and the kids engaged, I was absolutely delighted watching [Pam] in action with the kids; [she is] so great with them, directing and redirecting their energy in such fun and positive ways. I learned a lot!  Yes, we'd love to have [her] back. 

Franny Billingsley, Children’s Events Manager, 57th Street Books, Chicago, IL