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Talking to children about childbirth is not always easy, but author Pam Saxelby knows that the conversation is important because kids are curious. She also insists it can be a fun!

“I love working with the pre-school kids because they are so funny. After many years of working with children, I have good insight into the questions these children have,” Saxelby comments. “Kids at this age are trying to figure everything out.” Children are curious about where they come from, and this isn’t a bad thing, says Saxelby.

As an educator and author, Saxelby has over 25 years of experience teaching in Chicago where she has worked with students of different ages—from junior high to high school as well as preschoolers.

“I saw that having children talk about where babies come from is important. We need accurate narratives that are not just centered on the stork. Children need correct information, and this topic can be presented in a way that is both fun and funny. Childbirth does not have to be scary for kids.”

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Join Pam at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Pam will be offering her Max & Bear and Josie the Great plus a sneak preview of her brand new book. Come to the festival to learn more and participate in story times and crafts with Pam.

The Brooklyn Book Festival is the largest free literary event in New York City, presenting an array of national and international literary stars and emerging authors. 

Saturday, September 15, 2018
10am - 4pm
MetroTech Commons in downtown Brooklyn


Guest Author Pam Saxelby Supports Independent Bookstore Day at Midtown Reader in Tallahassee

Author Pam Saxelby is delighted to be guest author at Midtown Reader's second annual celebration of INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY. This is a nationwide celebration of all the things that make independent bookstores so special. There be having fun events all day, featuring flash sales, giveaways, live music, AND visits from special guest authors. PAM SAXELBY will be there for a special Kidtown Story hour at 11:00am on Saturday, April 28th. 

‘Josie the Great’ Wins Coveted Purple Dragonfly Book Award

CONTACT: Linda F. Radke, Story Monsters LLC
Phone: 480-940-8182

CHANDLER, AZ (June, 2017) – The judges of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in children’s literature, have spoken, and Josie the Great by Pam Saxelby, won 1st place in the Family category, and Honorable Mentions in Best Illustrations, and Children’s Picture Books 5 and under.

“Winning any place in the Purple Dragonfly Contest is a huge honor because in order to maintain the integrity of the Dragonfly Book Awards, a minimum score is required before a First or Second place or Honorable Mention will be awarded to the entrant – even if it is the sole entry in a category,” explains Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters LLC, the sponsor of the Dragonfly Book Awards. “Competition is steep, too, because there is no publication date limit as long as the book is still in print.”

Josie the Great  is a story about a young boy trying to make sense of all the changes in his life! It retails for $23.95 for the hardcover,  but can be purchased at a discount at all the stores listed on my website;

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The next Purple Dragonfly Book Awards contest is already underway. Final deadline for submissions is May 1, 2018. The final deadline for the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards Contest, which recognizes outstanding literature in all genres, is October 1, 2017. Is your book or product Story Monsters Approved? Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved seal it means children their own age enjoyed the book or product and are recommending it, too. How do they know that? Because after books and products pass the first round of judging by industry experts, they are then sent to a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books or products before they can receive the official seal of approval. Kid-tested and judge-certified! There is no deadline for the Story Monsters Approved program. Books are sent for judging as they are received. For complete rules and submission forms for either contest, visit and click on the contest of choice.

To learn more about Story Monsters LLC, celebrating over 30 years of business in Chandler, Arizona, visit, email or call 480-940-8182.

Children’s Author Pam Saxelby Earns the Story Monsters Seal of Approval


Linda F. Radke, Story Monsters LLC
Phone: 480‐940‐8182

CHANDLER, AZ (March, 2017) – The student judges of the Story Monsters Approved program, which recognizes accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature have spoken, and Max and Bear and Josie the Great by Pam Saxelby have earned approval. 

The colorful, kid‐friendly Story Monsters Approved seal attracts the attention of young readers much more than a sticker intended for adult scrutiny. Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved patch it means children their own age enjoyed the book and are recommending they read it, too. How do they know that? Because after books pass the first round of rigorous judging – which is done by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval. 

“Who better to judge children’s books than the children who read them?” explains Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters LLC, the same company that sponsors the Dragonfly Book Awards program. “Judging these books gives children a wonderful sense of importance and responsibility. Some of our judging coordinators have told us that students who usually don’t enjoy reading or have difficulty reading have gotten a much‐needed boost due to their judging responsibilities and have requested to serve as judges again.” 

Authors interested in having their books considered for Story Monster Approved designation should visit and download an entry form. Books are divided into the following categories with distinctions made between fiction and nonfiction: Preschool to Kindergarten, Grades 1‐3, and Grades 4‐6. 

The cost to enter is $85 for one title in one category. There is no deadline to enter. Books are sent for judging as they are received. Results are generally announced 4 – 6 weeks after submission. 

For more information on how to get a book Story Monster Approved, visit or call 480‐940‐8182. 

Press Release: Pam Saxelby Shares Tale of ‘Josie the Great’

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Juvenile fiction tale follows journey of child navigating through changes in life


Pam Saxelby returns to the literary limelight with a new juvenile fiction tale featuring “Josie the Great” (published by Archway Publishing). Enthralling, evocative and entertaining, this book charts the experiences of little Max as he navigates the changes in his life and wonders what it all means.

So many things are changing for Max and Bear. They have moved into a new house in a new neighborhood, and now a new baby? Max’s parents keep talking about someone named Josie, but who is that?

“I was inspired to write this book as I watched and thought about how a young child tries to figure out what is going on. This will appeal to young readers and their families because lots of families go through these life experiences as they have children and their families expand,” Saxelby says. “‘Josie the Great’ is a sequel to ‘Max and Bear.’ Young readers, and those who have yet to learn to read, will enjoy the further adventures of these two characters.”

In collaboration with her artist daughter, Anne Saxelby, the author, through “Josie the Great” explores how young children come to understand their ever-changing world. With imagination and humor, this fun story is a look at bringing a new baby into the family from her sibling’s perspective.

“Josie the Great” 
By Pam Saxelby
Hardcover | 8.5 x 11in | 36 pages | ISBN 9781480832336
Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 36 pages | ISBN 9781480832329
E-Book | 36 pages | ISBN 9781480832312
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Pam Saxelby is an expert in early childhood education after more than 25 years in the classroom. Both of Saxelby’s books, “Max and Bear,” and now “Josie the Great,” reflect her years working with, and listening to very young children, as a pre-K teacher, as a mother and as a grandmother. Anne is the oldest of Saxelby’s three children and is the illustrator for “Josie the Great.” Saxelby and her husband, Bill, live in Chicago, and Islamorada, Florida.

Anne Saxelby studied fine arts at New York University. She is the founder of Saxelby Cheesemongers, a nationally renowned purveyor of artisan cheese. Her two young children were the author’s inspiration for both books. “Josie the Great” is Anne’s debut as a book illustrator. Anne and her family live in Brooklyn, New York.

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