Anne Saxelby
Author Pam Saxelby

A Mother-Daughter Collaboration

Pam and her daughter Anne Saxelby collaborated on Pam's latest book, Josie the Great, a story that helps young readers prepare for the arrival of a new sibling. In addition to  running the premier shop for American farmstead cheese in New York City, Anne is an artist. She studied in the Studio Art department at NYU before founding Saxelby Cheesemongers in 2006. 

While Pam was writing the text of Josie the Great, Anne worked on illustrating the story. Anne's two young children were Pam's inspiration for the book, so Anne drew from life.


It all began when Mom and Dad bought a new apartment.  They said our family needed more space because Josie the Great was coming!
Max and Bear wondered... Who's Josie the Great?

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