An Instant Classic:

Max & Bear

When Bear is given to Max’s dad at a very special party, Max wasn’t there yet. He is still growing in his mommy’s tummy. But Bear can wait. Bear is sure that Max will love him as soon as he is born. While he waits, Bear meets all of Max’s other friends. Sophie the giraffe is brown and white and squeaky. Turtle is a magical toy who lights up and plays music. Bear is soft and blue and full of love. He doesn’t squeak or blink or play music.

When Max is born, Bear gets so excited! But when Max’s mommy gives him Sophie the giraffe instead, Bear is disappointed. He decides to wait for Max to grow up a bit. Maybe then he’ll love Bear. When Max grows up so much that he moves into his crib, Bear gets so excited! But when his mommy gives Max Turtle to play with, he is again disappointed. Will Max ever need a friend he can hug and play with who doesn’t light up or make noise? Will Max ever notice Bear?

Max and Bear is a sweet story written with young readers in mind. Teach your children the power of love and remind them of the importance of waiting for good things to come with this delightful story of patience and friendship.


Josie the GREAT!

"It all began when Mom and Dad bought a new apartment.  They said our family needed more space because Josie the Great was coming!
Max and Bear wondered... Who's Josie the Great?"
"Who's Josie the Great?"

"Who's Josie the Great?"

Josie the Great is a mother-daughter collaboration between Pam and her daughter Anne Saxelby, artist and owner of Saxelby Cheesemongers in New York City. Pam wrote the text while Anne illustrated. The inspiration for Josie the Great came from Anne's two young children.


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