About Pam Saxelby

Author, Pre-K Teacher, Grandmother

Author Pam Saxelby is an expert in early childhood education after more than twenty five years in the classroom. Pam's books Max and Bear and Josie the Great reflect her years working with, and listening to, very young children: as a pre-K teacher, as a mother and as a grandmother. In addition to her books for Children, Pam authors parenting advice blog. Pam lives in Chicago and Islamorada, Florida.

Even before writing her own children's books, Pam found inspiration in the books of other authors. 

"As a young teacher I was inspired by the art and appeal of Eric Carle's work. His use of color and play in what he designs is magic.  Mo Willems is brilliant, and his use of what's just a little bit naughty, as well as fun appeals to all children.  And then there's Jon Klassen, who is so irreverent and subtle in the books he composes, that I take "my hat" off to him!"
- Pam Saxelby

About Anne Saxelby

Cheesemonger & Illustrator of Josie the Great

Pam's oldest daughter Anne Saxelby is a leader in the artisan food movement as founder of Saxelby Cheesemongers in New York City. In addition to being an expert in American Farmstead Cheese, Anne is an artist who studied in the Studio Art Department at NYU. Now she has collaborated with her mother to illustrate Pam's latest book, Josie the Great. Anne's two young children were Pam’s inspiration for both books, so Anne drew from life.  Josie the Great  is Anne’s debut as a book illustrator. Anne and her family live in Brooklyn, NY.