It seems to me, that when you have chosen, as I think a lot of people I know have, to build a quality relationship with your kids, that this stage of life is filled with different energy… different demands, but rich in time with grandkids, your adult kids… and your new goals.


Hi all,

I wanted to share this post.... hope you enjoy!

The inspiration for my upcoming book, The Great Grace Escape came from watching my daughter-in-law one day as she sat in our living room in Brooklyn, super pregnant. Her belly was dancing and bopping and we joked that the baby inside must either be practicing her boxing skills and saying, “how do I get out??”. I thought, to myself: this little person must be pretty dynamic. She’s already making her personality known and she hasn’t even been born yet. I started thinking about what Grace might be thinking in there, what her personality would be like when she arrived… That’s how the idea of The Great Grace Escape was born! Pre-order your copy now for the holiday release! 

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When your children teach you....

Hi All...

One of the most rewarding things about working on my new book is collaborating with my adult children. The idea for The Great Grace Escape (coming this holiday season) came from watching my daughter in law’s belly bop and wiggle as their daughter-to-be moved around in the womb. We joked that Grace must be practicing boxing and doing gymnastics in there, and my son Bill said, “Mom, it seems like this baby really wants to get out. That’s what your new book should be about!” Imagining Grace’s world in-utero, and collaborating with my daughter Anne to bring it to life in pictures has been a lot of work and a lot of fun. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that these creative, independent adults were once just waiting to be born like Grace! You can now pre-order The Great Grace Escape in time for the Holiday release!

Stay tuned... more stories to come :)

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Constant learning...

Hi All!

I am constantly aware of how wonderful it is to continue to learn... 

As I am going through this process of completing my new book, The Great Grace Escape, I am working with a dynamic team of young women, who are showing me, helping me, and teaching me new things.

I am also working with my son, my son-in-law and husband as well.. learning from all of them!

Each one of them has a certain set of skills and expertise that they are willing to share with me as I continue this evolution of authorship.

It's quite cool to  be working with my adult children, their spouses and friends to accomplish my neweset goal...

Previously, and all parents can attest to this, our goal was to help our children learn and evolve, and become who they are meant to be... NOW....

It's quite fun to be at this next part of life where they are willing, excited, able and qualified to help me!

Have fun today... Go learn something new!

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First day of School!!!!!

Hi All!

Well... it's that time of the year again!

I watched the bus go around our neighborhood... and am seeing a lot of lovely photos on Social Media of kids, and families...

It's just such fun seeing all the kids and how much they have grown and changed... I am seeing photos of kids that I taught ... and time sure has flown!

So, have a great new year... kids... and parents... enjoy... the routine is back! 


Hi all!

While I was watching one of the morning shows this morning, I happened on a segment about play and why it's important for our children.

It's so wonderful to have this idea promoted!  I am sharing the link (hopefully) with you below.  Take a minute or two... to review and take this thought process in... it's so good for our kids!


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Hi All,

I had the chance this morning to think a lot about questions...

I was on a walk,  as has been my new routine, to get coffee at a little place in our town.  I love my walks... they give me time to think, and reflect and contemplate.

After my coffee I decided to walk to our Farmer's Market to get some flowers to put on my Mom's grave on my walk back home.

I got some red gladiolas because she always liked going to the market and getting those for her home...

I got to the cemetery, placed the flowers on her grave, and decided to lay down on the soft grass next to it, and contemplate.  I was lying there, staring up at the sky, when I heard a voice... which surprised me, since I hadn't heard anyone else walk in.  He was kind enough to warn me about bugs in the grass... so maybe I shouldn't be just lying around in it!

I got up, and went to chat with this individual, and learned about why he was in the cemetery at that moment.

It seems, he was visiting someone too...

I had asked, on the first part of my walk, some questions about things that were on my mind, and had also asked for some help and guidance today... actually one of the questions I asked, was for an amazing experience today...

I got that at the cemetery.

I was there visiting my Mom, which for me is always bittersweet and frequently makes me sad... 

However this morning, the gentlemen who was kind enough to warn me about bugs... was there to visit his daughter.

He told me his story.  Then, he let me ask him questions about his daughter, and her life, and his family.  He was amazing in his candor, and in sharing all that made his daughter such an amazing life force. 

My heart was heavy, as I am certain any person would be, realizing that I was there visiting my Mom, and he was there visiting his daughter... of course my question was Why?  Why do children sometimes have to leave so early, when their life is just starting, and they could do so much more for the world?

I don't have any answers for that question....

I do though, have a response... Make a difference in someone's life... listen... take time... be kind.

He shared his daughter's legacy with me...

If you have a question about how to make a difference today, check it out.  Hear her voice, and choose to help.

Until next time,

Be kind... Pam